Our Community

At Beacon Construction we take pride in our work and every project is important to us. We have a heart for the surrounding community, taking part in many initiatives that help our area grow. With projects like the Habitat for Humanity: Bancroft Build, the Freedom Skate Park and The Switch Yard Youth Centre, we use our skills and expertise to help fill the needs of our region.


The Freedom Skate Park in Bancroft Ontario.

The Freedom Skate Park in Bancroft Ontario.

Habitat for Humanity

In the Spring of 2013 Beacon Construction was contacted to lead in the design and construction of a local Habitat for Humanity. Having the opportunity to impact the community in such a meaningful way made it a simple choice. Over the course of the year Beacon provided its managerial services to build a long lasting creation embodying the care and concern that Beacon Construction has for our community. 

Freedom Skate park

The youth of Bancroft have always been looking for great ways to stay active in our community. Outside of the local playgrounds, there was not a lot of activities that allowed our youth to experience the full rush of adolescence. The idea of the Freedom Skate Park was conceived by Ian Seaborn, and was truly the solution for our youth. It became a resting ground for hundreds of teenagers over the years, and is a jewel of the community that Beacon holds great pride in its creation. 

The Switch yard youth centre

The Switch Yard has been a haven for our youth for the last decade, providing a "Big Brother and Sister" atmosphere and a safe place to interact with their peers. However, routine maintenance and the lack of proper roofing, called to attention the need for a local contractor to breath new life into the building. Beacon Construction jumped at the opportunity and donated the manpower to provide a modern face lift and extend the life of an already life changing building.


Relationships that Extend Into our Community

Beacon believes in having a personal relationship with all its workers. Whether that be through company sponsored events, or Beacon's strong policy on head management and crew relationship. Every worker has either a mother, daughter, father or son, and is a part of the North Hastings region. Its through these aspects that Beacon holds a relationship with not only its employees but also the community itself.