The Butler Difference

There are certain people in this world who make, who do. Everything becomes a tool for building. And if it doesn’t exist, they create it. Our team encompasses about 350 of these people who, each day, create better answers for building design requirements through new products, new technology and customized building designs.
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Buildings That Do More

Proven Building Quality

The difference is in the details, from the Scrubolt™ fasteners to the roof clips. Butler® building components are designed for strength, durability, longevity and sustainability. An ingenious approach to even the smallest building components adds up to better quality and durability. Our building systems are engineered to exact specifications for higher-quality installation and better building performance.

Built-In Lifetime Savings

The decisions you make during the building design phase will have a major impact on your operating costs each year. Focusing on options that offer energy efficiency and long life spans will help you minimize your total cost of ownership. Our building assemblies are tested and proven to be more energy-efficient than industry standards, and our buildings are engineered and built to last.

Expertise And Accountability At Every Step

You’ll have a single point of contact dedicated to exceeding expectations in the most efficient way possible. Their deep knowledge and expertise will help you foresee challenges and deliver better solutions.

Leading Design Capabilities

We have the engineering expertise and technology to make virtually any building design a reality. Plus, our building systems are known for their versatility.


Come in for a Free Consultation

See what Beacon and Butler Can do for You!

No matter what type of project you have, from a new facility down the street to a brand-new building across the globe, our team is built to provide the support you need — each step of the design and build process. Come in to our office and get an overview showing why Beacon and Butler can provide you the quality you deserve, at a price you would expect.

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Butler Buildings Previous Projects

Project Details:

Lafayette, Indiana
10,000 square feet

Structural System: Uncategorized
Roof System: VSR
Wall System: Masonry
End Use: Community

Butler Roof


Project Details:

South Woodstock, Vermont
11,525 square feet

Structural System: Widespan™structural system
Roof System: Uncategorized
Wall System: Rough Sawn Pine Siding
End Use: Agricultural, Athletic and Entertainment

Project Details:

Davenport, Iowa
120,000 square feet

Structural System: Widespan™structural system
Roof System: MR-24® roof system
Wall System: StylWall™ II flat wall systemStylWall™ II fluted wall system
End Use: Service and Retail